ELITE Program

Exclusive Life Intense Training Experience (ELITE) Program

base program

Better Academics School Experience (BASE) Program

OSEAS Program

Overseas Studies Excellent Admission Services (OSEAS) Program

STEP UP Program

Students Total Exam Preparation–Unlocking Potential(STEP UP) Program


This is a combination of DMIT, psychometric tests & Interviews.

ACE Program

Adolescent Career Experience (ACE) Program

FED Program

Fine Etiquette and Dining (FED) Program

Word Craft

Guidance to write a statement of purpose/essay that reflects the true you!


(Age 3-10 years)Identify the learning style that best fits your child.


(Age 11-16 years) Know your Personal Quotients IQ-EQ-AQ-CQ-SQ


(Age 16 years and above)• Help identify your best ‘career fit.

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ELITE - Exclusive Life Intense Training Experience Program

  • A one-stop program solution for all your international study needs.
  • Hands on exclusive training experience includes one on one training covering 31 different areas using a curriculum specially designed by international education experts.
  • Using our expertise and experience we identify the most suitable university overseas for each student to suit individual profiles in Educational Institutions / Universities / Colleges across the Globe from the classic Ivy League to the new age schools.
  • We provide academic guidance, skills and techniques to ensure optimal academic performance of students.
  • We facilitate training of students to achieve the desired results in various examinations like IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT and PTE.
  • We help students determine their appropriate career choices through scientifically sound processes including standardized tests and one-on-one sessions with students, parents and professionals in their career area.
  • Customized ‘Parent Coaching Sessions’ ensure that parents are guided through this important phase of their children’s lives in an informed and relaxed manner.
  • Guidance in preparing documents
    1. Essays/SOP
    2. Drafting customized recommendation letters
    3. Preparing transcripts
    4. Resume editing and finalizing
    5. Application form checking
  • Pre-Visa counselling and documentation
  • Pre-departure briefings and more about study plans abroad

For more details about this exclusive program, contact our office now!

BASE - Better Academics School Experience Program

Every parent wants their child to be successful at school and excel academically. Sometimes children come home with bad grades and report cards that do not reveal their true capacity for learning and actual ability. If you want to improve your child’s grades, we at Be-Ivy can help them. In addition to using scientific tests to determine their best learning style, our team helps the child identify the root of their problems through an interactive process of self-realization along with the parents. By understanding the challenges your child might be facing – perceived, real or imaginary, either in the social, personal or home front, we help them overcome these challenges holistically. Through our scientifically based and proven academic excellence program we help your child motivate himself and improve his grades.

Our BASE program has two options – one of 6 months duration and another of 12 months duration. The sessions are open to girls and boys from Class 7 – 12 of all levels of skill and ability. For more details on the BASE program, please contact us at the earliest.

OSEAS - Overseas Studies Excellent Admission Services Program

At Be-Ivy we excel in guiding students looking to study abroad and get admission into the best universities overseas. The OSEAS program is either of one year or two year duration. Our professional team will assist you by customising a program which provides an overview of universities in different countries and study opportunities they offer. This package includes support and guidance in all aspects involved in the admission process and significantly improves their possibilities of getting into the best universities globally. Contact us for a detailed understanding of the OSEAS program.

STEP UP - Students Total Exam Preparation – Unlocking Potential Program

Our exclusive exam oriented Be-Ivy program STEP UP focusses on getting students ready for the final exams. This program is open to girls and boys from Class 7 – 12 of all levels of skill and ability. The 12 sessions which are conducted over a 3 month period includes one-on-one sessions for parents and students. Our program analyses 12 aspects that are central to academic excellence and inculcates study habits for optimal student performance.


Using scientifically proved techniques, standardized tests and one to one sessions, Be-Ivy has developed our unique “Discover” program which enables you to discover the hidden talents in students of different age groups. Using a combination of Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT), Psychometric tests and personal interviews, our professional team of counselors are now able to give students an accurate idea of where their true strengths are.

ACE- Adolescent Career Experience Program

Career development is a lifelong process that actually starts when a person is born! There are a number of factors that influence career development, including the student’s interests, abilities, values, personality, background, and circumstances. The ACE program is a process that will help students and their parents, know themselves, understand what the world of work actually involves in practice and explore different aspects of it in order to make educational, career and life decisions.

Be-Ivy uses an unique combination of Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT), Psychometric tests, personal interviews and experiential interactions with people working in the area the student is interested in pursuing. Through these and other methods, our professional teams of career counselors are now able to give students an accurate idea of the best career suited for them and the most efficient manner of getting there.

Contact us to make the right ACE choice – now!!!

FED - Fine Etiquette and Dining Program

While dining has become casual in recent times, failing to understand the rules of the modern table can be embarrassing  and at times result in us not making the most of the opportunities available. This down-to-earth, interactive, fun and fast-paced workshop examines the ins and outs of dining etiquette and why knowing what to do still matters.

Students are taught how to master dining etiquette and manners. This hands on course is topped off with a meal in a fine dining setting where all participants get a chance to practice what they have learnt under the supervision of our fine dine experts.

For more information, please get in touch with our office.

Word Craft Program

For students applying to universities overseas, one of the important components of the application process is the Statement of Purpose. As the name suggests, “it is a statement or essay about your main purpose of applying to school”. It tells the admissions committee who you are, what has influenced your career path so far, your professional interests and where you plan to go from here. We at Be-Ivy guide you to write a statement of purpose/essay that reflects the true you!

Furthermore, our experiences with students indicate that writing is one of those important skills which are in decline. Our experienced faculty coach students from Grade 7 onwards on the intricacies of writing, whether its writing a poem, story, report or just a quick note to show you care…

DISCOVER KIDS (Age group 3-10 years)

  • Know your kids in-born talent
  • Identify the learning style that best fits your child
  • Select activities based on their innate potential
  • Identify your kids Multiple Intelligence
  • Improve the parent – kid relationship

DISCOVER TEENS (Age group 11-17 years)

  • Know your Personal Quotients IQ-EQ-AQ-CQ-SQ
  • Know your analytical and creative skills
  • Understand your intrinsic potential
  • Identify your preferred learning style based on Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic.
  • Discover your path ahead!

DMIT CAREER (Age group 16 years and above)

  • Know your Personality types
  • Develop your core competencies
  • Recognize your Multiple Intelligence
  • Know your Strength and weakness based on MI Theory
  • Find your most suitable learning and leadership qualities
  • Help identify your best ‘career fit’